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Create Games Previously Not Possible For Indies

Join thousands of developers using Narrative plugins to build unforgettable gaming experiences.


Amazing Quests & Dialogues for Unreal Engine 5

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Indie developers now have access to professional grade Quest and Dialogue tools. 

Modular Gameplay Elements

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Need an inventory system, a navigation system, and a quest and dialogue system? 


Grab Narrative Inventory, Navigator, and Narrative 3. They are all set up to work with each other - and you save hundreds of hours.

Tools Developers Trust


Narrative Quest & Dialogue Editor

Easily the best solution for Narrative and Quest making.

Thoughtfully designed and very, very effective in addressing a persistent difficulty in making games. Chunking quests into tasks is good design. Common pitfalls in dialogue system and quest solutions are making the solution difficult to use, or unclear how to use in context of your own problems. This plugin would be useful in basically any game you would ever make. It's so simple and effective at what it does that it inspires your creative side / asking yourself what new and exciting things you might add to your game you might not have thought of otherwise, or would have been up to. Thank you for the diligent work and long hours on this!!!


Narrative Navigator

Amazing suite of tools. All the narrative products are great. 

They look nice, and are efficient with performance. The Navigation plug-in is no different. Yes it's expensive, but it's the best solution on the market for what it does and if you could've made something this good yourself then you're charging $100+ an hour and you'd realize you couldn't make it in a couple hours. So you're buying it anyway. If you're already using other Narrative tools, like the dialogue tool or the interaction tool, and you need a world map/nav tool then buying this is a no brainer.


Narrative Interaction

Fits right in with the rest of this fantastic suite.

This suite is becoming the Apple of frameworks. Come for the pretty UI, stay for the ecosystem, everything just works. Keep em coming!


Narrative Inventory

Narrative Inventory is exactly what I was looking for!

As someone who works 50 hours a week and has a family I need all the help I can get when making games. This plugin is perfect for my needs, its simple, easy to use, great documentation, quick help from plugin devs, and for a very reasonable price. I am very impressed and I cant wait for more high quality products from Narrative Tools!

  • Can I use Narrative plugins with Blueprints?
    Absolutely. Like most of Unreal Engines tools, Narrative has been exposed to Blueprint and C++, and works wonderfully with either, or a mixture of the two.
  • What platforms are supported?
    Any platform Unreal Engine supports should work fine, however Windows, Android, Linux, Mac and iOS have officially been tested. The UI is built on Epic Games' CommonUI plugin, which means the UI support both keyboard and gamepad, as well as allowing switching between the two on the fly.
  • What is the Narrative suite and what products does it include?
    The Narrative suite is a collection of Unreal Engine Marketplace plugins designed to streamline development for unreal engine based games. It includes tools for creating interactive environments, managing inventories, creating quests and dialogue, and implementing common UI elements.
  • Do Quests and Dialogues work together?
    Yes. Because Quest and Dialogues are so intertwined in most games, the two systems are built with each other in mind, and work very well together.

Built by Professionals

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We spent hundreds of hours solving the hard problems, so you can focus on the important things - your story, art, and gameplay.